Chain adjuster & rear axle

The Stark VARG’s rear axle and swing arm boasts two incredible features. Firstly, an advanced chain adjuster for accurate and precision chain adjustment. The swingarm has an integrated system which incorporates a spring and shaft, every 90 degrees rotation you will hear a click and from the rear of the bike, using a screwdriver with a hex you can instantly and easily turn the same number of clicks on each side and perfectly align your wheel with optimal chain tension.

Clearly steering away from the traditional way on how things are done we decided to step it up another notch with a flush, much cleaner, integrated rear axle that avoids having a protruding 15mm nut and bolt, that can potentially catch on ruts, dirt or rocks and impact your riding experience and handling.

• Clicking chain adjuster enables hassle free chain adjustment. You no longer need to use two wrenches, simply one hex.

• Flush rear axle nut reduces risk of getting caught in ruts.