Design and bodywork

Features: • KAYABA and Technical Touch, closed cartridge 310mm travel front forks with an AOS damping system. • Light Kashima coated outer-tubes and niCr coated inner-tubes for minimized friction and maximum wear resistance. • The 50mm rear shock with 16mm niCr coated rod for the same low-friction efficiency and high durability. • Linkage progression curve is optimized for comfort and stability whilst improving traction. • Triple adjuster with low compression and rebound system. 310mm of suspension travel in the rear as well for a balanced feel.

We define our design language as 'Performance, human art'. The performance aspect refers to the honest design with visibly optimized engineering. Human art, our ambition to create a natural, organic muscular shape, defining 'muscle, tension and flow'. Our desire was not only to make the VARG fast, but also beautiful.

• Design language defined as 'Performance, human art'.

• Removal of front radiators & exhaust.

• Optimized ergonomics — chiseled to perfection.

• Better handling and control, longer riding, with less effort. • Hexagonal pattern inside bodywork, 15% weight saving.

• Remove bodywork quickly, five bolts in less than a minute — for a detailed clean.

• 24 karat gold ‘Stark Future’ logo on the carbon fiber top section symbolizes the full circle mentality of the company as well as our desire to become number 1.