Stark Varg display, phone & app

Through the Stark VARG APP we offer you a 100 % customizable ride. The unique display of the Stark VARG is a shock resistant and waterproof Android phone, the “Stark VARG Phone”. When locked into place it charges and communicates wirelessly, whilst serving exclusively as the bike display and when unclicked by the press of a button it is a fully functioning smartphone.

In the Stark VARG APP we let you adjust the power curve, engine braking and virtual flywheel effect, as well as traction control. You can build more than 100 different ride modes, and choose to have five of those actively available on your bike at the same time. Change instantly through these five modes at the touch of a button on your handlebar. Build your ride modes to perform like a 125cc 2-stroke, 450cc 4-stroke or anything in between.


• The Stark VARG APP is available on the Stark VARG Phone or any Android or iOS device.

• You can easily transfer the information from your Stark VARG Phone to any other smartphone, where you can update the ride modes or analyze your riding data. This includes lap times, map data, speed, G-force, airtime and power consumption.

• Ability to share trails or ride modes with your friends.

• Check the battery level left on your bike via the display and see a range estimation based on your riding style.

• Personalized ride modes: Make the best of each situation by saving more than 100 personalized bike configurations that will allow you to adjust the power curve, engine braking, traction control and virtual flywheel effect to the relevant terrain and conditions.

• Internet connection: Premium users will receive a SIM card that will enable them to connect 24/7 in more than 150 countries and even use the Stark VARG Phone as their personal device.

• Display navigation: Make the most of your adventures as your bike display maps out your route through GPS powered smart display navigation. An essential resource for remote trail riding.

• Lap timer: Push yourself to the limit with our GPS enabled lap counter which allows you to track your lap times at any circuit.

All the above features will be available through our premium subscription plan, and certain features such as 24/7 internet connectivity, number of ride modes, adjustability and navigation are limited if you choose the free plan. All plans will automatically receive the latest over-air software updates and new customers are offered a one-month free trial of the premium plan. You will be able to select or update your plan in the Stark VARG app.